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I wish that I could say that I wasn't an aquaintance of your friend...but that would be a dirty dirty lie. I know your friend and I know him well, perhaps too well. In fact, I'm confident that I may be your friend...

I tell people that I hope they stop living

I have told people to kill themselves on many occassions

I have requested that they take the rope treatment for improving their life

I have said that they should take a gun and put it into their mouth while they press firmly on the trigger

And, I oftentimes accuse other guys of using their hands and mouths for pleasuring men

Are these things that I say right? Is it right that I told a fellow last night that I had to wipe the rotted flesh of his deceased mother from the end of my penis?

Is it right that I pretended to be friends with one girl as we had a fun "shit talking" period, and then when she politely said that I went too far I began to talk about how any penis that goes into her body comes out diseased? Is that right? No, no it's truly not. For some reason I continue with the insults...

In reality, should I have told the fellow with the nickname 'FreeToyInsideMe' that 'FreeToy' meant 'large black dick'? No, I should not have told him that. I should not have implied that he has a large black penis inside of him. To do that was completely wrong...but yet I did it anyway.

No, no I shouldn't have told that girl that she was never going to amount to everything..

No, no I shouldn't have told that guy that he deserved his sister dying in a car wreck...

I shouldn't have said that it was funny to hear that one young woman's genitals were violated by her step father the previous night.

I shouldn't have stated that I was part of the Fascist revolution...

I shouldn't have said the "how many jews can you fit in a station wagon" joke...

I shouldn't have said the "what do semen and mexicans have in common" joke...

I should definitely stay away from these evil things...I should definietly look into some serious reform...I should stop. Fuck.

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