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Originally Posted by Dirty Harry View Post
Does everyone here, besides myself and BDH, believe 100% that there is no existence after death? Say that within 90% ~100%.

If so, how can you be so sure? To me it seems more like 50 50. Moreover why do you want to refuse the possibility of continued, perhaps immortal, existence?

Are truth and pride really greater than hope and faith? I don't know.

Think about your dying and ceasing to exist. Try to imagine nothingness. As many of you mentioned, it brings about an unpleasant feeling. It's difficult to comprehend. It's not a good feeling. It's bad and probably bad for you.

Now, for the sake of this test, think about having continued existence after death. It doesn't have to be religious, just try to give merit to the thought that in some universe or dimension, you will continue to exist, whether or not you are consciously aware of it. This thought brings out good feelings. It makes you feel better about death. These feelings are inherently good. They are certainly healthier than the alternative, especially for the mind. Having faith in people and that everything is going to be okay also seems inherently good. Having faith about continued existence is also a good thing. What is the significance of something being good? Maybe there is a reason.

Tl;dr: DAE believe there is a somewhat strong possibility of existence after death? Faith is a good and healthy thing. What is the significance of something being good?

It's not "bad" per se, as much as it is believing in something for no good reason other than the simple fact that you want to believe in it. At some point, in a lot of people's lives, they realize that it's time to swallow the hard pill of probable reality versus what they hope happens. This happens at different times throughout people's lives, but from what I've noticed it's usually after traumatic life events.

What it really comes down to, DH, is caring about whether what you believe is true or not. The truth is, none of us knows what happens after death. But, like most things in life that concern us deeply, we try to get as much information to prepare ourselves as possible. And unless you're religious or "deeply spiritual", you likely aren't going to find any intellectually or emotionally satisfying information on the afterlife; because there isn't any, other than anecdotal evidence and what people have apparently manufactured.

I am a firm believer that people's belief in an afterlife is composed of several major elements:

1. Obviously, no one wants to die, and we all want to live forever (in theory). Dying is a very stressful thing to consider and so people say "but maybe...just maybe!" and that thought process feels so good people get extremely emotionally attached to it.

2. Punishment/Reward. There is so much fucked up shit in this world, many people have to believe in the dichotomized afterlife so those who are "wicked" will be punished, and good people, like themselves (of course) will be rewarded. Life is hard as shit and doesn't make a lot of sense. It's actually logical for people to create some kind of after-life reward, if we are looking at humans as animals.

3. Loved ones. Speaks for itself.

I mentioned above humans as animals, which we are. Very smart animals, of course, but animals nonetheless. Do all the humans that ever lived (estimated at over 100b) get to experience this afterlife? Even those who were barely different from the animals around them, 250,000 years ago? Do all the animals have an afterlife? A snail? A bacteria?

It just doesn't add up, man. You can continue to believe it but there is just no reason to. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I don't believe it's 50/50 at all. You can't just come up with a proposition like that and automatically claim it's 50% possible to be correct. You need evidence to bolster that claim.

EDIT: I guess what i'm trying to say is your hope for an afterlife is totally understandable given the stark nature of the human condition. But just because it's understandable, doesn't mean it's the truth. It means your emotions and desperate want of continued life (again, understandable), has affected your rational and logical functions.

For more information on "believing in something just in case/because i hope", a really old argument called "Pascal's wager" -- I've seen you post this line of thought before. I really think reading about a categorization for the type of belief system you have really helps one think more clearly on the matter, specifically honestly reading criticisms of it.'s_Wager

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