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  1. Immigrant gentleman murdered with nailgun *XRAY PICS INSIDE*
  2. Terrible World Leaders & Their Antics
  3. 21 Expensive Polo Horses Are Fucking Dead! (and they're never coming back)
  4. Hairdresser turns robber into sex slave
  5. Polar Bear Mauls Woman in Zoo...with awesome picture
  6. complete kick-ass invention.
  7. Vince here with Shamwow
  8. Scare tactics? police state Britain
  9. Australia's List of Blacklisted Sites Leaked
  10. Swimming lessons ... what a croc
  11. Apocalypse May Be a Comin'
  12. Man hijacks car in prison parking lot...
  13. Snitches Get Stitches
  14. Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again
  15. Test is fucking dead! (and he's never coming back)
  16. Wanna Get Your Shit Robbed?
  17. Man Fights/Stabs a Huge Tiger Shark to Death
  18. Five suspected witches burnt to death in Kenya
  20. Things We Now Have: Chimps That Conspire
  21. Christian Nutjob Thinks World is About to End
  22. BDH Goes to Europe
  23. LOL @ Warsaw Indiana and Scott Belvins
  24. The glorious State of Utah.
  25. Stupid Fucking News Shit
  26. How To Rob Girl-Scouts
  27. Bobby Jindal
  28. Fireman accidentally eats a kitten
  29. Wrestling legend Verne Gagne implicated in death of man, 97
  30. Why isn't Al Sharpton dead yet?
  31. Chimp Attack!
  32. Epic Fail by Muslim Media Mogul
  33. Mistress Contest
  34. Piratebay Trial
  35. The Stimulus Package.
  36. Australian stimulus plan approved
  37. US and Russian Satellites Collide at 21,600 MPH
  38. Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant
  39. Net Neutrality.
  40. Bailout already failed
  41. Mercury found in high fructose corn syrup.
  42. High School Basketball Coach Fired For Winning 100 to 0
  43. Nursery killing spree
  44. Former French President mauled by poodle
  45. Wow!
  46. Miss Indiana wins Miss America.
  47. Santiago Meza 'dissolved 300 bodies'
  48. A Flying Car that might actually sell
  49. Mr. Blonde Goes to South Korea
  50. Our world could be a giant hologram.
  51. Bush Commutes Ramos & Compean
  52. Anti-love vaccine
  53. Obama Thinks Too Much of Himself (And everybody else does too)
  54. Certified Badass
  55. Boy stops pit bull attack with jiujitsu choke hold
  56. Indiana Business Man/Fugitive/Man of Myster
  57. Death Row Inmate Is Fucking Nuts (even more than you'd imagine)
  58. Porn industry seeks federal bailout.
  59. Apple to end music restrictions
  61. Russians claim their drinking prowess is a 'myth'
  62. 30 GB Zunes Fail...Everywhere.
  63. Jesus Reborn!!!
  64. Bush Insider Killed In Plane Crash Before Tell-All
  65. Magician David Copperfield's assistant sucked into the blades of a giant wind machine
  66. The Price Is Right Receives First Perfect Bid
  67. Burger King releases meat-scented cologne
  68. Dr.Klunkenstein
  69. Hitler Can't Catch A Break
  70. Officer Polston
  71. Teenage girls accused of sexual abuse of the elderly
  72. Youtube goes (almost) HD
  73. Do you find turtles interesting?
  74. India is getting messed up right now
  75. Ball State Football
  76. Gas Prices
  77. The Irish...They Get Shit Done
  78. Pirates!!
  79. Atheist billboards going up for holidays
  80. Cosmetic surgery addict injected cooking oil into her own face!!!
  81. GG Brandon Crisp
  82. Extra! Extra!
  83. Woman fakes beating and blames it on an Obama supporter.
  84. Study against affirmative action in the works
  85. Woman Kills ex husband, in virtural world...
  86. 7 year old boy kills 13 zoo animals and feeds them to crocodile
  87. free internet porn women
  88. only free porn movies
  89. free obscene group porn
  90. Wher search-url on your site!
  91. What a crazy fucking day.
  92. Swedish chicks are insane and buff
  93. COOL HAND LUKE IS DEAD! (and he's never coming back}
  94. The Speech Bush Should Give
  95. Man gets charged battery for passing gas
  96. President Ahmadinejad is a fucking douchebag.
  97. Now THIS is a Crazy Bitch
  98. Travis Barker Might Fucking Die Soon! (if so, he'd never come back)
  99. Train Victim's Cell Kept Calling Loved Ones After He Died
  100. Lehman is fucked!
  101. Man crush Tony Romo a good samaritan
  102. Holy Shit Mini Black Holes!
  103. ABORTION: Why so serious?
  105. A Good Time in Ft. Wayne
  106. Scientists Closer to Creating Invisibility Cloak
  107. Man decapitated on Canadian bus
  108. Stanley Kobierowski
  109. Texas Is Amazingly Racist
  110. Seniors WSOP
  111. Lucy Fur
  112. George Carlin Is Fucking Dead!!! (and he's never coming back)
  113. BMW builds shapeshifting car out of cloth
  114. power walking
  116. Brazil finds uncontacted indian tribe
  117. Craigslist Gentleman Angry At Internet
  118. Suge Knight Knocked Out
  119. They were out to create seizures
  120. When Austrians do incest...
  121. The way to beat prostate cancer.
  122. Wesley Snipes' Black Ass Is Going To Jail
  123. Little 500
  124. Judas-Baby Worshipped by Idiots
  125. Dude gets suicide victim's heart...then kills himself
  126. Technosexuals...
  127. Advertising on the Moon
  128. Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
  129. Longest Shit Ever
  130. Something to look at!
  131. Nude IU Cheerleader.
  132. Do we really want another black president?
  134. ESPN releases statement about Chris Berman Videos
  135. Bobby Knight resigns, what the fuck?
  136. Another horrid idea for public education
  137. Heath Ledger is fucking dead! (and he's never coming back)
  138. Wouldn't it suck to marry your sister? Oh wait
  139. Dumb People from Ft Wayne
  140. Overall Political Postings (not just about Ron Paul)
  141. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Assassinated
  142. BrassMonkees got married...
  143. They're making "The Hobbit"!!!!!
  144. Bill of Rights Day
  145. Scientists seek to help 'locked-in' man speak
  146. Northern Lights' Energy Source Found
  148. Beebs gets in another dumb fight
  149. Face eating tumor
  150. Philadelphia officer dies; police hunt doughnut shop gunman
  151. Biofuels 'crime against humanity'
  152. Happy Birthday F3lix!!!
  153. Cross Country Sprint For Glory
  154. Hm.
  155. radiohead
  156. Does this scare anybody else?
  157. Police State is more real than ever
  158. High School Musical is gay.
  159. Louisiana to test itself on remaining the dumbest state in the union.
  160. Senator Fess's up to Tearoom Trade.
  161. Nick Bollea (Hogan) In Serious Wreck!
  162. C'mon Owen, you can do better
  163. Gingers extinct in 100 years!
  164. An Epic Time in the Markets
  165. And we bitch about bridges.
  166. More people who think they know better than our ancestors.
  167. Brian Adams (wrestler, not musician) IS DEAD! (and he's never coming back)
  168. Another reason I HATE the IRS
  169. Middlebury Beating
  170. Fuck Ethanol
  171. Ron Paul 2008
  172. Warsaw Beating
  173. Midair Collision Over Phoenix
  174. Panel: Astronauts lit at launch
  175. Sex Crime and Videogames
  176. Donaghy
  177. First order of Business
  178. Swords, Porn, and Living with Your Mother
  179. Britney, you crazy baish
  180. Carlos Mencia: Joke Theif
  181. Hedge Funds the New Tech Bubble?
  182. Cop V. Stripper case in CA
  183. Guess the nigger's age
  184. Snorkeler mistaken for rodent, shot in face
  185. Kid Fined For Building 4ft. Snow Wang
  186. Invincibility For Sale On Ebay
  187. So Anna Nicole Smith died
  188. The Surprising Borrowing Habits of the Rich
  189. IPods to become illegal?
  190. How Many of you guys were in this film??
  191. How Many of you guys were in this film??
  192. How Many of you guys were in this film??
  193. scary
  194. I really think they're crossing the line here
  195. George Soros Gives His Two Cents
  196. "Miserable Failure" search no longer brings up the whitehouse on the website google.
  197. ultra-right Israeli blog received Best Blog award
  198. Serial Killer in South Bend
  199. Head Transplants are coming.
  200. So you have a fettish with hitting...
  201. Alien Moon Base - not kidding
  202. Christ, Darrent Williams was killed??
  203. Saddam Gon Get It! Fo sho.
  204. Jesus was a komodo dragon.
  205. Runner fails gender test, loses medal
  206. And you thought Middle East conflict was bad...
  207. Man kills 17 month daughter over xbox
  208. "The Largest Buyout Ever"
  209. The Frat Dudes From Borat Really Are That Dumb
  210. Why smoking should be legal at all ages.
  211. Saddam will hang
  212. Dude incorrectly thinks he raped his daughter
  213. Naked Man Busted In El Cerrito, 'Concealed' Weapon
  214. Key Evangelical quits amid gay sex claim
  215. Dude rapes his mom.
  216. Bob Barker announces retirement.
  217. Funeral held to bury racist n-word
  218. Dumb Bitch Sucks at Suicide, Now a Murderer
  219. Experts create invisibility cloak
  220. I am trying to hurt America again
  221. Inmates flush mattress pieces in toilets
  222. Mr. Blonde Am Going To Australia.
  223. This is why I don't support capital punishment.
  224. Google would kindly like to own more of the internet
  225. Pacers shoot load at strip joint
  226. Canadians Can't Build Roads For Shit
  227. School Gives Detention To Parents Of Late Kids
  228. We umm...We have T-Rex soft tissue.
  229. Drunk man mauled by panda
  230. Crocodile Hunter dead
  231. What's Al Gore going to say to this?
  232. Paramount cuts ties with Tom Cruise
  233. Nexus of politics and terror.
  234. Judge sentences teens to ride the bus to school
  235. Why does everybody want to hurt America?
  236. Evidence from 9/11 conspirator online
  237. Mad Max/Mel Gibson gets Arrested
  238. 16 year old girl hanged
  239. Head teacher in red light shame
  240. Terrible news!!
  241. Sniper in the Muncie area
  242. UB might actually pick up a girl (and a guy)
  243. Gays accused of discrimination in resort village
  244. Peace in the Middle East...
  245. Iowa Man Fired for Drinking Ethanol Fuel
  246. Indiana to Create 'Biotown' as Source of Entire Town's Energy
  247. "No Shit" News
  248. Tucker Max
  249. North Korea launches missles
  250. The state of New Jersey shuts down today