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Hello my name's Johnny Richter, and I give free advice. No, no, not free blowjobs, like that whore mother of yours. Who must now sell her body for sex because you accidently came into her life one night she was drunk and her boyfriend didn't use a jimmy hat. How does it feel to know that you are the reason you mother hates life? How does it feel to know that it was you that crushed all of her dreams, it was you that ruined her life. Man, thats gotta suck, I'd probably not want to live either if I were you...Anyways, if you're ever feeling down and feel like you need someone to talk to, just post here, explain whats going on, we'll listen to you. Where else are you going to go? No one else gives a damn about your problems, they'll probably just laugh at you and call you a pussy, after all, no one really likes you. Your so-called friends are probably just using you for...for...ahh, well, maybe they just feel sorry for you since you are such a fuck up.

This forum is not only for people feeling down, if you need advice on other issues, such as relationships, school, family, and other shit like that, go ahead and post. We'll try to help you the best we can. Of course, in your case, it's probably beyond help, so...there's only one thing that can help you...and I think we both know what that is.

Have a nice day
Johnny Richter
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