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Mr. Blonde 05-12-2020 12:36 PM

Planetary Consciousness
Assertion: Local and provincial consciousness must be transcended by a majority of the population in order for us to truly come to terms with the impact human intelligence, machines and activity, all of which have increased proportional to the population of the planet.

From a biological-oriented perspective (which you may not share, but should as part of planetary consciousness), preserving biological diversity in healthy ecosystems seems to be a decent perspective to begin operating from, which means putting Nature before human liberty and capitalist values.

I personally believe my liberty is enhanced by this because what is the use of freedom if you cannot use that freedom to walk through a forest, walk through a jungle, swim in clean rivers and lakes and streams?

Limitations: The current state of the collective consciousness is woefully repressed and thus necessarily ignorant of our current state of affairs. The current COVID-19 crisis is a very small blip on the radar of potential disasters human activity could produce. And what no one is focusing on, is that COVID-19 didn't just "happen" in Nature. This is a Frankenstein monster created by humanitys' manipulation of Nature, particularly killing animals and selling flesh for meat.

We have always done this as a species, but there is a severe lack of cleanliness and sanitation process which led to the abhorrent birth of this chimera-like disease. And humanity's unwillingness to look at the cold-hard reality of poverty and overpopulation is ultimately the cause of this virus.

In some small ways, COVID-19 has contributed to planetary consciousness, but the blow isn't nearly hard enough. Millions will likely have to die from similar catastrophies -- maybe billions will be what it take for humanity to stop, breathe, look and listen to what we are doing.

Please start identifying with the entire planet. You aren't "just" an accountant, a husband, a software developer, or any of these things solely. You are consciousness incarnated in primate form to explore the universe through this amazing lense of potential which we call a human body. We are inextricably linked to this planet just by the sun on our backs, the water in our cups, the food in our fridge. It all comes, literally automatically "from the planet".

This is the simple yet totally Cosmic perspective that many people will refuse to even talk about, let alone seriously consider. Intelligent people. People who should know better.

So know better.

Beebs 05-12-2020 01:11 PM

I'm not particularly clear on what the ask is here.

Mr. Blonde 05-12-2020 06:04 PM

Perhaps because you have too provincial of a mindset.

Beebs 05-12-2020 07:09 PM

Still a delight.

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