[03-26-2021 05:26 AM] Dent: Vaccinate bats so they don't get coronaviruses to reduce spillover [03-26-2021 05:41 AM] Dent: Modify mozzies so they vaccinate people instead [03-26-2021 09:30 AM] Dent: https://i.imgur.com/IHfYDpS.jpg I want to pay 143 and 99 pennies for these and I want them now! #consume [03-26-2021 10:20 AM] Orgazmo: lol, jesus [03-26-2021 10:21 AM] Orgazmo: Do you want me to do X? => Nah => Cool, done! [03-26-2021 10:21 AM] Orgazmo: Customer Service 101 [03-27-2021 11:16 AM] Dent: The Zero ontology, on the other hand, is a purer system. It removes every last trace of substance from the world by cancelling it out in the context of the whole. There are no bumps and hairs, no gods, no substances, no things that are just there without explanation. The universe swallows itself up in the same act by which it releases itself into being. [03-27-2021 11:16 AM] Dent: Zero is the case! [03-27-2021 11:29 AM] Dent: I should say this is the answer to "Why is there something instead of nothing?" You are very welcome. Peace out, good bye! [03-28-2021 07:21 AM] Dent: Loving the "cope" concept [04-01-2021 01:34 PM] Johnny Richter: You’re supposed to seethe first though [04-01-2021 04:34 PM] Dent: Ronald Fisher is the greatest person to have lived in the last 100 years, he invented statistics. [04-02-2021 11:22 AM] Johnny Richter: WE BE PIMPIN THESE HOS [04-02-2021 11:22 AM] Johnny Richter: NEVER SIMPIN THESE HOS [04-02-2021 02:25 PM] Dent: That slay queen song actually requests a coke and a rum, I thought it was coconut rum. Anyway here it is don't get too annoyed. If you know of a more slay queen song i'd like to know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GmLoVGmgDw [04-03-2021 02:15 PM] Dent: I am a Gryffindor, stand up to Voldemort. [04-05-2021 11:30 AM] Dent: ID cards are un-British! You have to carry your driver's license around? Get ID'd everywhere? Got your height and weight and shit on it? LOL [04-05-2021 05:59 PM] Beebs: Will they be red or blue? This is apparantly a very important issue to you people. [04-05-2021 08:31 PM] Orgazmo: "You people" - Admins, we really need to get rid of the divisive language on this board. [04-06-2021 11:34 AM] Dent: https://motls.blogspot.com/2019/10/6...lions.html?m=1 [04-06-2021 11:36 AM] Dent: A truly freaky post, I hope none of you worry about climate change because it's very low on the list of problems. [04-06-2021 11:41 AM] Dent: Worst case scenario is a fat crib with acres in balmy Antarctica, no big deal. [04-06-2021 01:27 PM] Johnny Richter: Wife took the kid to her parents [04-06-2021 01:27 PM] Johnny Richter: I got 12 beers and 1/2 oz of the chronic LETS FUCKIN PARTY [04-06-2021 01:34 PM] Johnny Richter: ...if only I didn’t have to work 14 hours today...I’m crying [04-06-2021 02:23 PM] Johnny Richter: Be harmless as a child [04-06-2021 02:23 PM] Johnny Richter: But capable, ready, and willing to do extreme violence upon request [04-06-2021 03:54 PM] Orgazmo: Ahh DH, an empty house. One of the rarest of all gems of fatherhood. Enjoy your time. [04-07-2021 08:35 AM] Dent: Watch the game, have a bud. Cum in your pants and leave it there to act as a moisturizer for your mushroom cap. [04-07-2021 08:41 AM] Orgazmo: Walk around naked. Shit in the sink. Eat cottage cheese directly from the container. [04-07-2021 09:12 AM] Dent: Did the cottage cheese thing just yesterday, 300 grams with pineapple. Haven't had my mitts in the nutbutter jars in a few weeks though, mostly because I ran out I expect. [04-07-2021 09:43 AM] Dent: https://i.imgur.com/8bVbAEs.jpg leans off the table by 1cm not good maaan. Also storing the spare pieces in the box with the picture on so using a different method. [04-07-2021 09:44 AM] Dent: If you see any pieces and where they belong I will put it in place and thank you for it [04-07-2021 10:54 AM] Dent: Pro in-vitro meat against in-vitro brain. Are you for a global moratorium on synthetic phenomenology? We could be creating hell states unwittingly. [04-07-2021 10:55 AM] Dent: Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do. [04-08-2021 06:42 PM] Johnny Richter: Death is only the beginning [04-08-2021 08:17 PM] Orgazmo: Glass half full kind of guy, eh? [04-09-2021 06:14 AM] Dent: The Duke is dead... Shall I go wave a flag about near the castle or drop some flowers off or something? [04-09-2021 08:22 AM] Orgazmo: DMX is the more important death today, I think we can alla gree on that. [04-09-2021 08:48 AM] Dent: Hulk Hogan was peak Merca RIP liberal democracy 4 July 1776 - 9 April 2025 [04-09-2021 08:51 AM] Dent: If you wonder why everyone is gobbing off about your tin-pot country it's because we smell weakness. [04-09-2021 09:04 AM] Dent: Archie Windsor will whip you back into the ranks mid century just you wait #longgame [04-09-2021 09:30 AM] Dent: Damien is my fav DMX wbu [04-09-2021 09:39 AM] Johnny Richter: I heard X was in a coma. Fuck didn’t know he died. Loved what’s my name and still sing that up in here song in the shower to this day. So many badass tracks though. [Yesterday 09:48 AM] Orgazmo: I find myself singing random rap lyrics, googling them, and oftentimes finding they are DMX lyrics. Like "She's a bitch, excuse me. I know she don't like to be called bitch, try not to lose me" [Yesterday 12:43 PM] Dent: Lord Give Me A Sign is actually my fav DMX [Yesterday 01:58 PM] Baron Hill: You wack, you're twisted, your girl's a hoe You're broke, the kid ain't yours, and e'rybody know Your old man say you stupid, you be like, "So? I love my baby mother, I never let her go" [Yesterday 04:18 PM] Orgazmo: I hit him with a grand, just didn't shake his hand. [Yesterday 08:40 PM] Johnny Richter: This the fuckin shit I be talkin about. Half rappin ass mothafuckas. You think it’s game? You think it’s a fuckin game! [Yesterday 09:16 PM] Orgazmo: I got blood on my hands and I got no remorse. I got blood on my dick 'cuz I fucked a corpse. I'm a nasty kitten, don't try to test me kitten.