[10-04-2023 01:52 PM] Saint DH: But I can't stop drinking diet coke [10-04-2023 01:54 PM] Saint DH: I drink 2-3 cans every day...how likely is this to put me in an early grave? [10-05-2023 12:08 PM] Orgazmo: nearly 100%, but is a world with fewer diet cokes one in which you really want to exist? [10-14-2023 07:35 PM] Saint DH: Yes absolutely [10-14-2023 07:37 PM] Saint DH: Addiction is a bastard though. I thought a world in which I wasn’t stoned 24/7 wasn’t a world I wanted to live in, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. [10-14-2023 07:46 PM] Saint DH: Thanks be to Gos [10-14-2023 07:46 PM] Saint DH: God [10-16-2023 12:30 PM] Dent: Hi guys heres a 90 minute video lmk what you think 0 respec for your precious time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xoCpo5ekrI [10-22-2023 08:11 PM] Orgazmo: Back from Frankenmuth. The Bavarian Inn is the best deal of a kid-centric hotel experience that exists in the United States of America. Ty for your tips, DH. [10-23-2023 11:44 AM] Dent: What decade is your next day off? [10-23-2023 01:35 PM] Orgazmo: Oh, I didn't actually take any days off. That's not really a thing. [10-31-2023 06:26 PM] Saint DH: That’s awesome man glad you guys had fun. Totally agree. [10-31-2023 06:29 PM] Saint DH: Dent-watched some of the video. Couldn’t get too far. It’s frustrating that Mr. Smarty Pants can clearly see the societal benefit of Christian morality, but is too prideful to see the truth that this is because God is real and Christ is king. Amen. [11-11-2023 01:46 PM] Dent: https://unherd.com/2023/11/why-i-am-now-a-christian/ [11-11-2023 04:22 PM] Orgazmo: Yikes [11-14-2023 08:35 AM] Saint DH: tl;dr but sounds like everything she does is politically based, which is a really bad reason for becoming anything, especially Christian. [11-22-2023 07:19 PM] Saint DH: Happy Thanksgiving you beautiful souls [11-23-2023 08:56 PM] Orgazmo: Y tu, tambien [11-25-2023 07:51 AM] Dent: Natural selection maximizes shortsighted selfishness, no matter how much pain or loss it produces. There are far more losers than winners, and great losses often arise from trivial gains. The killing of monkey infants for minor male reproductive gain is the example that most persuasively led me to use words like evil. [12-07-2023 03:47 PM] Dent: Moloch has returned [12-08-2023 01:02 PM] Orgazmo: moloch: a harmless spiny lizard of grotesque appearance which feeds chiefly on ants, found in arid inland Australia. [12-11-2023 12:39 PM] Dent: obvs mean the demon not the harmless lizard [12-11-2023 12:44 PM] Orgazmo: I'm pretty sure you meant the harmless lizard... [12-13-2023 10:57 AM] Saint DH: it's not really good vs evil, it's more like God vs not God. With God being the source of all things good, not God by default is not good. Apes are beasts who don't have the ability to choose God, so they are incapable of doing God's will (i.e. good). This is interesting because when a man, who has the ability to choose between God and not God, chooses not God, he often degrades himself into a bestial version of man. [12-13-2023 11:02 AM] Saint DH: I know this from firsthand experience, as I myself have degraded into a lesser version of myself by choosing not God (i.e. sin) for a very long time. There are temporal consequences of sin. It clouds the intellect and weakens the will, and these are the two things that separate man from beast. [12-13-2023 11:08 AM] Saint DH: There is very little love in us that comes from us, if any at all. There is however a great love that comes from beyond us. God vs not God could easily be rephrased as love vs not love. [12-13-2023 11:12 AM] Saint DH: These are my thoughts. Not trying to preach or anything, I am a terrible Christian and wretched sinner. Lord have mercy. [12-13-2023 11:28 AM] Orgazmo: "There is very little love in us that comes from us, if any at all." => Sounds like an absolutely ridiculous assertion imo. And it's sorta the basis of the entire viewpoint. [12-13-2023 03:28 PM] Dent: Can we uplift beasts so that they may know good? [12-16-2023 05:16 PM] Saint DH: You’re right that last part was a bit subjective and only something I myself can attest to. Could be different for others absolutely. I should have clarified that. What I said only applies to my personal experience. [12-23-2023 12:18 PM] Orgazmo: Merry Christmas motherfuckers! May you and yours be fully erect from now to the new year. [12-28-2023 12:55 PM] Orgazmo: I hope your erections are holding strong. [12-28-2023 05:23 PM] Saint DH: Happiness is a side effect my brothers [12-28-2023 05:23 PM] Saint DH: Not a particularly ground breaking revelation or even a novel thought [12-28-2023 05:24 PM] Saint DH: But the implications should blow your mind, because what it means is that we humans were created for humble service to one another. [12-28-2023 05:25 PM] Saint DH: Simply more evidence for the existence of our righteous Lord [12-28-2023 05:28 PM] Saint DH: But go ahead, ignore 2000 years of Church history, ignore the blood of the glorious martyrs because some Reddit homo thinks it makes more sense to cut off your own dick [12-28-2023 05:44 PM] Saint DH: Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope. To you do we cry out, poor banished children of Eve. To you do we send up our sighs, weeping, and mourning in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O Clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen. [01-10-2024 01:35 PM] Dent: Everyone cares about the problem of inbreeding [01-10-2024 01:35 PM] Dent: dont nobody care about the problem of outbreeding [01-11-2024 11:36 AM] Orgazmo: Damn. [01-11-2024 01:27 PM] Dent: Not many care about inbreeding problems tbh [01-13-2024 11:41 AM] Saint DH: Without inbreeding, there would be no Britons. [01-19-2024 09:56 AM] Saint DH: You best start believing in spiritual warfare...you're in one [01-25-2024 01:57 PM] Dent: It was all a dream [01-25-2024 04:25 PM] Dent: I used to read warhammer magazine [01-25-2024 04:26 PM] Dent: Salt-n-pepper chips from the Chinese [02-05-2024 12:46 PM] Saint DH: Is the Apple Vision Pro as big as I think it is? Seems amazing, like game changing shit. [02-05-2024 01:30 PM] Orgazmo: Ya, I agree. Like everything else, it's clunky and not super adoptable right now...but, if this is the starting point for wearable AR tech, I think it's going to change things [02-10-2024 08:01 AM] Saint DH: I imagine it like the first iteration of what Tony Stark had in the avengers movies. Like I’m thinking one day instead of a tv in everyone’s living room, there’s some shit in the ceiling that beams down floating and movable screens anywhere in the vicinity.