[07-26-2021 07:45 AM] Dent: only a smidgin above farce mind, and that's only if you win a Nobel for unifying the known laws of physics. For the rest of us it's 100% farce. [07-28-2021 11:07 AM] Dent: The combination problem [07-28-2021 11:07 AM] Dent: The measurement problem [07-28-2021 11:08 AM] Dent: Cat states [07-28-2021 02:19 PM] Johnny Richter: Rise up Lords of Destruction [07-29-2021 12:34 PM] Dent: Marriage - exclusively for gays and cookie cutters or not? [07-29-2021 04:00 PM] Johnny Richter: Marriage is a Christian religious sacrament anything’s else is irrelevant [07-30-2021 10:36 PM] Orgazmo: Are you religious now, DH? [07-31-2021 11:27 AM] Johnny Richter: short answer is IDK [07-31-2021 11:28 AM] Johnny Richter: Some days I believe I am God [07-31-2021 11:28 AM] Johnny Richter: I am God [08-01-2021 12:23 PM] Dent: What's Isiah 66.3 getting at DH? [08-01-2021 05:14 PM] Orgazmo: Also, what does Austin 3:16 mean? [08-02-2021 07:26 AM] Dent: Anti-natalism can be viewed as a psychiatric disorder insofar as what today passes for psychological health depends on a deep-rooted capacity for self-deception. Life is wonderful! Affective psychosis – falling in love, getting married and having kids – is a better recipe for mental health than depressive realism. Understanding even a tiny fraction of the suffering in the world would drive anyone insane. So the conviction that life is a precious gift to be passed to a new generation is less hazardous to the psyche than an accurate diagnosis of our predicament. Consider what baby-making entails. Is creating a child born with a lethal genetic disease, hooked on endogenous opioids, and prone to a fiendish diversity of physical and mental distress an ethically acceptable genetic experiment? [08-02-2021 07:27 AM] Dent: Any real insight into the horror of Darwinian life jeopardises mental health. And so the cycle of suffering continues. [08-02-2021 07:31 AM] Dent: Economics is war without bloodshed but it is still war. It is slow violence but violence all the same. The fear of being helpless, homeless, and hunted because of lack of money sits heavy on the shoulders of the majority of humans. The vicious cycle and system enslaves. [08-05-2021 06:32 PM] Beebs: But "sanctions" sound so harmless [08-10-2021 04:18 AM] Dent: experience [08-10-2021 04:18 AM] Dent: fukin explain that one [08-11-2021 09:34 AM] Dent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assortative_mating [08-11-2021 09:34 AM] Dent: BAN ASSORTATIVE MATING [08-11-2021 09:35 AM] Dent: FORCE RANDOM MATING [08-11-2021 09:41 AM] Dent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexy_s...d_genes_theory [08-11-2021 09:41 AM] Dent: What do you think about good genes theory? [08-14-2021 04:33 PM] Johnny Richter: Dent is one thought away from saying legalize rape [08-14-2021 09:18 PM] Orgazmo: He's tapdancing at the precipice [08-19-2021 04:09 PM] Johnny Richter: You will never experience 1998-1999 professional wrestling ever again. Bros… [08-19-2021 05:42 PM] Orgazmo: I just wish we knew we were in the good old days before the good old days were over. [08-26-2021 07:08 AM] Johnny Richter: We got to live through the NWO, Black Sting, Hollywood Hogan, DegenX, HBK, HHH, Chyna, The Rock, Stone Cold, Kane and UT…truly the golden years [08-26-2021 10:42 PM] Orgazmo: Goldberg, Yokozuna, the god damned Giant Gonzalez! [09-01-2021 08:27 AM] Orgazmo: Seriously, the Giant Gonzalez. One of my favorite all-timers. Really the epitome of fantastic ridiculousness that is wrestling. [09-01-2021 11:14 AM] Johnny Richter: Who tf is that? Are we talking about THE BIG SHOW? [09-01-2021 11:17 AM] Johnny Richter: Ahh that guy was from the other glory years of the WWF, early 90s. [09-01-2021 07:37 PM] Orgazmo: Indeed - he was legendary in that he wore just a hairy body suit and had no real gimmick (never spoke really, but wasn't "spooky" like Kane) and did things like suffocate Undertaker with chloroform. [09-03-2021 06:55 PM] Beebs: Dead from diabetes [09-03-2021 10:23 PM] Orgazmo: The silent killer [09-04-2021 02:27 PM] Orgazmo: Fun Fact: DDTemptest once bought me a very large glass jar of Mike & Ike candies (my old time fav) for my birthday. We're talking about pounds of candy here. It took a bit, but, when I got to the bottom, there was a Wilford Bremley taped there with the word "Diabeetus". I haven't eaten Mike & Ikes en masse since. [09-08-2021 06:21 PM] Beebs: Devious, I like it [09-14-2021 02:48 PM] Johnny Richter: Norm McDonald is dead such a shame. His movie Dirty Work is truly an underrated comedic gem [09-14-2021 02:58 PM] Orgazmo: Big loss. [09-17-2021 07:03 PM] Beebs: "So a moth walks into a podiatrist" might be the best joke I've ever heard. [09-18-2021 10:24 AM] Orgazmo: I watched the "Hitler's Dog" bit the other day. Had me in stitches. [09-22-2021 09:58 AM] Orgazmo: Do we think Dent is dead, in prison, or something else? [09-24-2021 09:26 PM] Beebs: Dent is alive and well [09-29-2021 10:14 AM] Orgazmo: Sounds like something somebody who recently killed Dent would say... [10-12-2021 11:29 AM] Johnny Richter: Wtf happened in the last 24 [10-12-2021 11:31 AM] Johnny Richter: Can’t help but notice active was on in the last 24 hrs, followed by what I’m assuming is a shit load of bots. Pure coincidence I’m sure. [10-12-2021 02:13 PM] Orgazmo: Oh wow, interesting about Active. The bots: I re-enabled registration (which had been disabled for ~2 years)...and, of course, I've immediately disabled it again. [10-12-2021 02:14 PM] Orgazmo: There were also about 35 spam posts I had to delete along with those bots you see that were active. [10-19-2021 12:32 PM] Beebs: Damn, I missed it