[08-10-2021 04:18 AM] Dent: experience [08-10-2021 04:18 AM] Dent: fukin explain that one [08-11-2021 09:34 AM] Dent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assortative_mating [08-11-2021 09:34 AM] Dent: BAN ASSORTATIVE MATING [08-11-2021 09:35 AM] Dent: FORCE RANDOM MATING [08-11-2021 09:41 AM] Dent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexy_s...d_genes_theory [08-11-2021 09:41 AM] Dent: What do you think about good genes theory? [08-14-2021 04:33 PM] Johnny Richter: Dent is one thought away from saying legalize rape [08-14-2021 09:18 PM] Orgazmo: He's tapdancing at the precipice [08-19-2021 04:09 PM] Johnny Richter: You will never experience 1998-1999 professional wrestling ever again. Bros… [08-19-2021 05:42 PM] Orgazmo: I just wish we knew we were in the good old days before the good old days were over. [08-26-2021 07:08 AM] Johnny Richter: We got to live through the NWO, Black Sting, Hollywood Hogan, DegenX, HBK, HHH, Chyna, The Rock, Stone Cold, Kane and UT…truly the golden years [08-26-2021 10:42 PM] Orgazmo: Goldberg, Yokozuna, the god damned Giant Gonzalez! [09-01-2021 08:27 AM] Orgazmo: Seriously, the Giant Gonzalez. One of my favorite all-timers. Really the epitome of fantastic ridiculousness that is wrestling. [09-01-2021 11:14 AM] Johnny Richter: Who tf is that? Are we talking about THE BIG SHOW? [09-01-2021 11:17 AM] Johnny Richter: Ahh that guy was from the other glory years of the WWF, early 90s. [09-01-2021 07:37 PM] Orgazmo: Indeed - he was legendary in that he wore just a hairy body suit and had no real gimmick (never spoke really, but wasn't "spooky" like Kane) and did things like suffocate Undertaker with chloroform. [09-03-2021 06:55 PM] Beebs: Dead from diabetes [09-03-2021 10:23 PM] Orgazmo: The silent killer [09-04-2021 02:27 PM] Orgazmo: Fun Fact: DDTemptest once bought me a very large glass jar of Mike & Ike candies (my old time fav) for my birthday. We're talking about pounds of candy here. It took a bit, but, when I got to the bottom, there was a Wilford Bremley taped there with the word "Diabeetus". I haven't eaten Mike & Ikes en masse since. [09-08-2021 06:21 PM] Beebs: Devious, I like it [09-14-2021 02:48 PM] Johnny Richter: Norm McDonald is dead such a shame. His movie Dirty Work is truly an underrated comedic gem [09-14-2021 02:58 PM] Orgazmo: Big loss. [09-17-2021 07:03 PM] Beebs: "So a moth walks into a podiatrist" might be the best joke I've ever heard. [09-18-2021 10:24 AM] Orgazmo: I watched the "Hitler's Dog" bit the other day. Had me in stitches. [09-22-2021 09:58 AM] Orgazmo: Do we think Dent is dead, in prison, or something else? [09-24-2021 09:26 PM] Beebs: Dent is alive and well [09-29-2021 10:14 AM] Orgazmo: Sounds like something somebody who recently killed Dent would say... [10-12-2021 11:29 AM] Johnny Richter: Wtf happened in the last 24 [10-12-2021 11:31 AM] Johnny Richter: Can’t help but notice active was on in the last 24 hrs, followed by what I’m assuming is a shit load of bots. Pure coincidence I’m sure. [10-12-2021 02:13 PM] Orgazmo: Oh wow, interesting about Active. The bots: I re-enabled registration (which had been disabled for ~2 years)...and, of course, I've immediately disabled it again. [10-12-2021 02:14 PM] Orgazmo: There were also about 35 spam posts I had to delete along with those bots you see that were active. [10-19-2021 12:32 PM] Beebs: Damn, I missed it [11-07-2021 12:38 PM] Johnny Richter: Fuck dent little bitch doesn’t probably doesn’t even know science [11-07-2021 07:08 PM] Orgazmo: Dent? Do you know science? [11-12-2021 12:46 PM] Orgazmo: Dent must not know science [11-24-2021 06:03 PM] Johnny Richter: Polar Express movie is creepy af [11-25-2021 09:23 PM] Orgazmo: Ya, sorta agree - animation style is a little off-putting. Fun movie otherwise imo. Kids like it. [11-30-2021 09:07 PM] Baron Hill: Hi [12-01-2021 03:34 PM] Orgazmo: Hello [12-07-2021 12:40 PM] Johnny Richter: Hello [12-07-2021 08:37 PM] Baron Hill: holy fucking shit guys [12-07-2021 08:37 PM] Baron Hill: post something [12-18-2021 01:15 PM] Dent: entitled to it kpeaceoutbye [12-25-2021 10:58 AM] Johnny Richter: Merry Christmas you glorious gentlemen and May God bless you all [12-25-2021 01:55 PM] Orgazmo: Merry Christmas, Sexbears! May you be blessed with health and happiness. [12-31-2021 11:27 AM] Orgazmo: And a Happy New Year to each and every sexbear reading this. [01-07-2022 07:40 PM] Johnny Richter: If you want to be served…first serve. So simple my friends yet so effective. God bless you. [01-10-2022 10:33 AM] Johnny Richter: You just got served [01-10-2022 10:59 AM] Dent: thx lol but I did not serve first we're entitled to it