[08-11-2019 07:17 AM] Johnny Richter: Yeah I had my phone for 3+ as well. This is quite an upgrade. [08-11-2019 08:26 AM] Dent: Cookie cutter weed smoking insulin resistant porno addicts [08-11-2019 08:45 PM] Johnny Richter: I’m actually most likely insulin resistant as fuck. Otherwise spot on. [08-14-2019 08:16 PM] Johnny Richter: why doesn't nubblies default to https? [08-14-2019 08:20 PM] Orgazmo: https requires a SSL cert to be valid (like ~$50/year) which, imo, isn't necessary since there isn't any sensitive info (billing info, for example) entered into the site. [08-17-2019 08:10 AM] Johnny Richter: Ah I see makes sense. [08-20-2019 01:31 AM] Mr. Blonde: sup cocksuckers [08-20-2019 01:31 AM] Mr. Blonde: haven't missed a fucking one of you [08-20-2019 05:29 AM] ninjaface: [08-20-2019 09:07 AM] Orgazmo: Damn Blonde. [08-20-2019 03:29 PM] BigDongedHoe: That isn't very nice [08-20-2019 06:48 PM] Orgazmo: I would go as far as to say it's mean. [08-20-2019 07:03 PM] BigDongedHoe: Yeah, it's not often in life somebody comes back into mine to only call me a cocksucker [08-20-2019 08:13 PM] Orgazmo: And then disappear for another decade [09-05-2019 08:53 PM] Mr. Blonde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e1OEqrdIxY [09-06-2019 10:23 AM] Orgazmo: ^ Loved it. [09-12-2019 07:00 PM] BigDongedHoe: Somebody I know just got back from Burning Man, their explanation wasn't too far off from this guy unfortunately [09-12-2019 07:00 PM] BigDongedHoe: I loved it as awell [09-14-2019 08:49 AM] Orgazmo: I love you as well <3 [09-14-2019 01:58 PM] Dent: Patrick Cutrone [09-14-2019 01:58 PM] Dent: Patrick Cutrone [09-14-2019 01:59 PM] Dent: He loves the pizza [09-14-2019 01:59 PM] Dent: He loves the pasta [09-14-2019 01:59 PM] Dent: The lads fucking magic [09-24-2019 06:10 PM] Johnny Richter: Here’s a magic trick for ya, bend over and I’ll make my cock disappear [09-25-2019 02:23 AM] Mr. Blonde: Whale Transmission ~ the Collective Soul Song of Humanity . This is a message that came through on the new moon on August 30th in a vocal whale transmission with my friend Darius. As I was singing the whale frequencies, I was able to feel the storylines of this message and interpret into english words. I feel deeply called to share with all of you and to continue to interpret interpret transmissions to share in this way. [09-25-2019 08:50 AM] Orgazmo: Transmission ~ Each of you have a soul song and it is time to share that song with the world. You must sing your soul song and share the depths of your heart. At times it may feel chaotic and crowded with so many voices and varied truths singing together, yet the voices of all are needed to create the harmonics of humanity. [09-25-2019 07:38 PM] Beebs: Just having a normal one [09-26-2019 11:37 AM] BigDongedHoe: Just went to the doctor and I'm having a colonoscopy in 3 weeks... pretty cool at 34 [09-27-2019 09:28 AM] Orgazmo: Ah fuck, not fun dude. Better to get scoped and know what's going on, though. Everyone I've heard that has had one says it's nbd. [09-27-2019 02:28 PM] BigDongedHoe: I've been told drinking the salt water drink to clean you out the night before is much worse than the procedure. Definitely want to get stuff figured out, my stomach's been a wreck for 11 months [09-27-2019 06:26 PM] Dent: Mesalazine if you have ibd [09-27-2019 07:57 PM] Orgazmo: ibd = insanely big dick, I assume [09-30-2019 11:35 AM] Dent: Has also been doing hospital for the last few months due to bloody shots, blood work all good diagnosis ibd hopefully doesn't spread to crohns [09-30-2019 11:37 AM] Dent: Diet apparently doesn't make a difference once in remission but eating fibre while shitting tons of blood is a no-no [09-30-2019 11:38 AM] Dent: Oral mesalazine ok, suppositories don't quite hit the spot, daily enema best.. [09-30-2019 12:35 PM] BigDongedHoe: thanks for the advice I appreciate it, they are preliminarily calling it "post infectious IBD". I was in Honduras last October and definitely picked up some sort of infection. They think my body cleansed it but is still reacting as if it hasn't. I have two direct relatives that had colon cancer so I think they're doing the Colonoscopy as a precaution. [10-01-2019 06:37 PM] Johnny Richter: Bigelow Lemon Ginger Tea w/ probiotics. Drink that shit every day I promise you will feel better. [10-01-2019 07:48 PM] Johnny Richter: In two years [10-01-2019 09:03 PM] Orgazmo: Just drink 2 years' worth in a week for quicker results. [10-04-2019 09:35 PM] Johnny Richter: Someone cut in front of me and another person in front of me, a soccer mom, I lost control. It was a shameful display... [10-04-2019 09:36 PM] Johnny Richter: This was in a drive thru line at a local fast food establishment [10-04-2019 09:40 PM] Johnny Richter: I ended up scaring the lady away, then realized I was losing my shit in front of a kids play place, and drove the fuck away myself [10-06-2019 11:01 AM] Beebs: whomst amongst us has not shown our ass at an Arbys [10-07-2019 12:08 PM] Orgazmo: Listen, I don't mean to come off as ultra-uppity here, but I have never shown my bare ass at an Arbys. Arbys is a high scale fast food chain imo. I would never desecrate it like that. [10-07-2019 07:09 PM] Beebs: How about the Rally's on Lafayette by 38th, directly adjacent to a strip club? You can really be yourself there. [10-07-2019 10:40 PM] Orgazmo: Now that sounds like a lovely spot to bare an ass. [10-12-2019 10:54 PM] Johnny Richter: My friends hear me now [10-12-2019 10:55 PM] Johnny Richter: Stay steady on the mother fucking grind never slipping [10-13-2019 10:42 AM] Orgazmo: Wise motherfucker