[03-21-2017 11:24 AM] Orgazmo: Absolutely. [03-23-2017 08:03 PM] Dent: SEARLES CHINESE ROOM? MORE LIKE GROPING STUDENTS IN A ROOM https://www.buzzfeed.com/katiejmbake...Yp#.gkVY5wkzbm [03-23-2017 08:04 PM] Dent: A CHINESE STUDENT AT THAT [03-25-2017 10:49 PM] Johnny Richter: SPIT OUT THE BONE [04-09-2017 10:36 PM] Johnny Richter: She's dead, Jim. Just let her die. [04-10-2017 12:24 AM] Orgazmo: What is dead may never die. [04-14-2017 11:45 PM] Orgazmo: NEVER DIE BITCHES [04-14-2017 11:45 PM] Orgazmo: ...never die. [04-17-2017 02:13 PM] Johnny Richter: May she rise again as our lord and savior Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. [04-18-2017 11:48 AM] Orgazmo: She is risen. [04-20-2017 03:21 PM] Johnny Richter: BLAZE IT UP BITCHES [04-20-2017 03:21 PM] Johnny Richter: God fucking damnit [04-22-2017 11:16 AM] Orgazmo: So close... [04-25-2017 07:44 PM] Dent: https://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/201...s-partnership/ Free copy of Witcher 3 (best game evar) expires in one day. [04-26-2017 10:21 AM] Johnny Richter: I already own it. It is a good game. Bloodborne is better tho [04-26-2017 11:36 AM] Orgazmo: Have you guys ever tried Fifa 17? Pretty good game. [04-26-2017 11:36 AM] Orgazmo: Matt, I have RE7 for VR now. While I don't play it terribly often, I've watched others play it and have a fun time. Come try it sometime. [04-28-2017 08:15 AM] Johnny Richter: Let's do it [04-28-2017 08:15 AM] Johnny Richter: I'm no longer your neighbor tho [04-28-2017 10:21 AM] Orgazmo: Ahh fuck. Where do you live now? Regardless, lemme konw a night. I'm in. [04-29-2017 11:26 PM] Orgazmo: Were up in your new neck of the woods tonight (sorta) @ Noble Romans on 32. [05-09-2017 03:26 PM] ninjaface: turd blisters [05-09-2017 11:30 PM] Orgazmo: The worst. [05-11-2017 05:46 PM] THEINCREDIBLEdork: Free Witcher 1, not 3 you idiot. 2 was better. In 3 the leveling was fucked up and by the time I got through a quarter of the game I was too high to play any side quests. Fuck you Dent. [05-11-2017 05:49 PM] THEINCREDIBLEdork: Lol giving away Witcher 3 for free. Mad lad. [05-11-2017 07:22 PM] Orgazmo: I have witcher 3. Never played it. Seems too long. Is it too long? [05-13-2017 04:42 PM] Johnny Richter: No not too long. It's a game you play for awhile, put it down for awhile, and then pick it back up again because it's so good. Although I don't think it's your type of game. [05-13-2017 10:02 PM] Orgazmo: Better or worse than Fifa 17? [05-15-2017 10:37 AM] Johnny Richter: That's too subjective. You would say worse. I would say better. [05-16-2017 12:44 AM] Orgazmo: Haha, of course. Was meant to be a joke. Because no game is better than Fifa 17. [05-16-2017 09:26 AM] Johnny Richter: Soccer is only two letters from sucker. Let that sink in. [05-16-2017 11:18 AM] Orgazmo: Witcher is two letters from Bitches. And only 6 letters (depending on how you count) from Clitoris. [05-17-2017 11:58 AM] Johnny Richter: Exactly my point. Witchers get bitches and clirtori, literally. There are many graphic sex scenes in the game. In one mission I had sex with a woman and then had to kill her the next day. [05-18-2017 10:06 AM] Orgazmo: Well shit. I think you might have just won the argument. [05-18-2017 10:16 AM] Johnny Richter: Idk. Tbh video games just don't do it for me anymore. [05-18-2017 03:31 PM] Orgazmo: Oh really? Do you have any new hobbies moving into their place? [05-18-2017 04:46 PM] Johnny Richter: Other than drinking and watching Netflix, not really. [05-18-2017 11:42 PM] Orgazmo: It sounds like we have two things in common. [05-19-2017 07:03 PM] Johnny Richter: I need to start working out. I'm so soft and weak it disgusts me [05-26-2017 06:56 PM] Dent: Muscular men less likely to support social and economic equality, study suggests [05-26-2017 07:07 PM] Johnny Richter: The weak should fear the strong [05-26-2017 10:33 PM] Orgazmo: "--says weak person. Prly. [05-26-2017 10:33 PM] Orgazmo: Dent, were you at that Ariana Grande concert? Where were your seats? [05-29-2017 12:40 PM] Dent: Standing m8 [06-01-2017 07:10 PM] Orgazmo: Smart [06-08-2017 03:39 AM] Mr. Blonde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKpDtyOsNdc [06-11-2017 11:05 AM] Orgazmo: Happy Birthday to Nubblies.net Forum Member THEINCREDIBLEdork. I believe he's 42 today. [06-12-2017 07:30 AM] Dent: Hb x [06-25-2017 05:32 PM] ninjaface: [06-25-2017 09:30 PM] Orgazmo: :-D