[08-06-2020 02:30 PM] Dent: UTW [08-06-2020 09:57 PM] Orgazmo: No, Utw [08-07-2020 05:10 AM] vaga1220: Well shit. How'd Ironic Mustache die? I assume he did it himself? [08-07-2020 09:39 AM] Orgazmo: "Acute kidney and liver failure" - So "sorta" is the answer to "did it to himself." Obit: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/sac...?pid=176026257 | GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/z75h566c [08-07-2020 09:40 AM] Orgazmo: Since you're ~5 years out of the loop, I hope I'm not the first to break the news that Angry Pancake also died... [08-09-2020 10:06 PM] vaga1220: I had heard about Pancake. I'm actually really sad about Mustache. That's probably how I'll go as well. That or some CTE bullshit. [09-01-2020 05:45 AM] Dent: Male dominant female sterile mdfs [09-07-2020 11:16 AM] Johnny Richter: Did you just assume my gender? [09-10-2020 11:44 AM] Orgazmo: What are your preferred pronouns? [09-14-2020 11:24 AM] Dent: Take some opioid antagonists and it don't matter how perfect your fiancé is you're you're having a shit wedding [09-14-2020 12:47 PM] Dent: I'm the best man [09-14-2020 12:47 PM] Dent: I deed eet [09-20-2020 11:13 AM] Dent: It's just a lil treat don't be mad [09-22-2020 05:41 AM] Dent: Cheat meal? Box of Sushi, 8 pieces, brown rice. Simple. [09-22-2020 08:39 PM] Beebs: That's not really a cheat meal, that's just a meal. [09-23-2020 03:09 AM] Dent: Triple cheeb on the saver menu £2.19 when will it end [09-23-2020 06:13 AM] Dent: Proud 2 b an American cuz at least I no I'm free [09-23-2020 01:19 PM] Orgazmo: But...will you forget the men who died to give that right to you? [09-24-2020 06:10 AM] Dent: Gonna identify as American when biden gets in I was born in the wrong country j can feel it in my bones [09-24-2020 06:14 AM] Dent: You don't like that? I don't give a damn. [09-24-2020 10:19 AM] Orgazmo: Being nationality-fluid is so hot right now [09-26-2020 04:48 AM] Dent: Married men voted trump in 50/54 states because have have skin in the game. Nonces voted dem 51/51. [09-26-2020 04:49 AM] Dent: Prolly gonna get that ninja foodi grill at some point. [10-06-2020 09:27 PM] Dent: He is Risen! [10-06-2020 09:28 PM] Dent: MAKE AMERICA PISS AGAIN [10-07-2020 01:05 PM] Dent: Tyson Fury's never fought a gypsy king before is better than anything Ali or Mike came up with [10-14-2020 07:46 AM] Dent: That fucking grill only went and sold out on prime day I can't pay full whack for it now make me feel like a dickhead [10-14-2020 06:32 PM] Orgazmo: I saw that and thought of you [10-15-2020 06:05 AM] Johnny Richter: I bet Gaz bought the last one [10-15-2020 09:37 AM] Orgazmo: I bought two. One to use and enjoy, one to toss right in the god damned trash bin. [10-15-2020 01:16 PM] Mr. Blonde: Wow, I tune in and my Midwest chum are talking about grills they acquired on a consumer holiday while the world is slowly destroyed. I can't say I'm surprised. [10-15-2020 01:16 PM] Mr. Blonde: Grow some plants ya damn heathens. [10-15-2020 01:43 PM] Mr. Blonde: I hate coming off this way as I know how it looks, but it's really just disappointment. Every time I come back here I get disappointed at how much I've been thrust into expanding my worldview, in part by this board's relentless criticism over the years, only to find the tormentors themselves have barely advanced and positively changed at all. [10-15-2020 01:45 PM] Mr. Blonde: Let's hear the wry and insulting responses rather than sincerely reflecting on the truth of my statements. That would be the most predictable response. [10-15-2020 03:30 PM] Dent: If you're having grill problems I feel bad for you, son. [10-15-2020 05:14 PM] Orgazmo: Death, Taxes, and Blonde popping in to share his relentless disappointment [10-16-2020 10:11 AM] Johnny Richter: Blonde Nubblies is where I go to shoot the shit, tell a bad joke, make fun of myself and others, and maybe rub one out every now and then. [10-16-2020 12:24 PM] Johnny Richter: Here’s some real talk. Joe Biden is the most corrupt politician in the history of the United States [10-16-2020 01:38 PM] Orgazmo: And if you don't believe DH, ask Rudy Giuliani. Joe's son, HUNTER BIDEN, is the leader of a pedophile cult that only the people's champion DONALD TRUMP can defeat. [10-17-2020 05:51 AM] Dent: Anyone know why there is and has always has been a 50/50 male/female split and it's implications for a just society? [10-17-2020 05:12 PM] Dent: Lock him up [10-18-2020 02:16 PM] Johnny Richter: Joe used tax payer money to bully a foreign nation into enriching his fam. Social media tried to cover it up for him. Pretty blatant corruption. [10-18-2020 02:18 PM] Johnny Richter: A little jelly of Hunter. Not many dads willing to break all oaths of public office to get you a high paying job. Mine wouldn’t [10-20-2020 03:34 AM] Cocktooth: Then you should be extremely jealous of Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka. He’ll the Kush man might end up getting the best of it after this is all said and done. [10-20-2020 03:35 AM] Cocktooth: Read Rage. Kush is the workhorse of the office. [10-20-2020 05:15 AM] Dent: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOF [10-20-2020 11:21 AM] Orgazmo: HBD! [10-21-2020 12:38 PM] Dent: Sneaky [10-21-2020 12:38 PM] Dent: Creepy [10-21-2020 12:38 PM] Dent: Sleepy