[01-13-2021 05:01 PM] Dent: He taking your guns though? [01-13-2021 07:07 PM] Orgazmo: Obv will take guns, just like Obama did for 8 straight years [01-13-2021 08:12 PM] Johnny Richter: If they are serious about unity they won’t touch the 2nd amendment. Pass healthcare reform and student loan reform. Dems have a huge opportunity here to help people and heal the country. I don’t like the rhetoric I’m seeing unfortunately. Joe Biden can unite the country or he can deepen the divide. [01-13-2021 08:22 PM] Johnny Richter: Seriously if these Democrats give me legal weed, free healthcare, no more student loans and a robust economy, I’ll no fucking shit vote for them till the day I die [01-13-2021 08:32 PM] Johnny Richter: Fucking Trump did more against the 2nd amendment than Obama. I don’t think Biden will go after it. [01-13-2021 09:52 PM] Orgazmo: Wow...I think we're starting to find common ground on politics, DH. Fatherhood is looking lovely on you. [01-14-2021 05:43 AM] Dent: Agreed, it's super duper cute! [01-14-2021 10:26 AM] Dent: 2 Republicans die and go to heaven. They ask God if he'd answer one question. "Of course," God says. They ask how the Democrats rigged the election in 2020. "It wasn't rigged," God replied. Republicans look at one another and say, "This conspiracy goes higher than we thought!" [01-16-2021 11:49 AM] Dent: Only hundreds of billions of galaxies not trillions as previously thought, cosmic orgasm a damp squib. [01-17-2021 11:29 AM] Dent: Wagwan famalam? https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/qGce...n-in-the-world [01-19-2021 05:35 AM] Dent: Titanosaur in Patagonia largest dinosaur EVER [01-19-2021 10:40 AM] Orgazmo: Isn't it a bit crazy that the Blue Whale is the largest animal to ever exist...and it's here now? [01-19-2021 12:53 PM] Dent: Blue whale is a fucking water-cheater, whole life below sea level. An ant on the beach looks down on blue whale. Patagotitan was 60 tons and stood proud and was only 2.5 metres shorter than the cheater. [01-19-2021 12:56 PM] Dent: Also lived a long time ago eating bracken, didn't have access to HFCS leaking into ocean like todays creatures. I know it's wrong to compare boxing greats but I think Patagotitan would be heavier with modern training and bvlking regimes. [01-19-2021 01:43 PM] Beebs: The Floyd Paterson of the sea. [01-20-2021 08:25 AM] Johnny Richter: Fuck Joe Biden [01-20-2021 08:25 AM] Johnny Richter: Creepy old Satanic pedophile [01-20-2021 08:51 AM] Dent: Biden - Our Administration will lead with science and scientists — with a CDC and NIH that are free from political influence, a Surgeon General who is independent and speaks directly to the people, and an FDA whose decisions are based on science and science alone. [01-20-2021 08:51 AM] Dent: Scientists - We don't make normative normative statements [01-20-2021 09:54 AM] Johnny Richter: Yes let’s lead with science but also there’s more than two genders and actually gender isn’t even real [01-20-2021 10:45 AM] Dent: One things for sure #joebiden is #notmypresident [01-20-2021 10:54 AM] Orgazmo: Sex vs Gender Identity, bruh. I've come to accept it is something that I won't ever fully understand, but that doesn't mean it's something that isn't real. I liken it to our generation's homosexuality. Our parents likely largely couldn't understand how it's even conceivable a person would be gay. To us? Nbd. (I assume...) [01-20-2021 10:58 AM] Johnny Richter: Can we at least agree that it’s a mental illness? And likely the result of sexual abuse as a child? [01-20-2021 11:29 AM] Orgazmo: Unless you have some data that corroborates that, then of course not. [01-20-2021 11:32 AM] Johnny Richter: Is there even data? Has anyone been allowed to study this? That’s kind of the point. Instead of searching for the treatment of a delusional mind, we accept the delusion and even encourage it, which in this case usually results in the mutilation of their body and often suicide thereafter. [01-20-2021 12:02 PM] Dent: I want to be ok with choosing gender, not being comfortable with the gender people call me and so on, I'm not ok with "I know how to get out of my uncomfortable state, whack some t in me and call me Charlie, that'll fix it" [01-20-2021 12:04 PM] Dent: In the UK the tavistock clinic, under pressure from trans lobbies, gave puberty blockers to 14 year olds, almost all of which went on to hormone therapy. The NHS until a few months ago claimed that this was reversible. [01-20-2021 12:12 PM] Dent: Puberty blockers from aged 12 sorry, "I'm a sad 12 year old and no one understands me" is not grounds for injections lol [01-20-2021 12:33 PM] Orgazmo: Agree w/Dent that general adolescent confusion shouldn't try to be cured via irreversible means. I don't think anyone would really disagree with that. If a person is in a situation where abuse is present, it should be dealt with via therapy or psychiatry, not kneejerk physical changes. [01-20-2021 12:33 PM] Orgazmo: That doesn't discount gender dysphoria from being a real thing. Blanketly calling is a delusion sounds an awful lot like past generations addressing homosexuality (as noted). [01-20-2021 12:35 PM] Dent: I don't really know how to feel though, informed consent is a load of bollocks unless you are god. [01-20-2021 12:36 PM] Dent: FC what's this even mean define capable and so on "But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them." [01-20-2021 12:37 PM] Dent: I bet all you dems are rosy today, I didn't watch any of it but heard not was good. Like a good movie night now back home to fuck [01-20-2021 12:49 PM] Dent: Introducing Tradhumanism! "The idea is that instead of using technology to turn people into freaks with pink hair and prosthetic arms, we should use it to create a future that allows people to express an idealized version of the past." [01-20-2021 12:51 PM] Dent: Transhumanists believe in bodily autonomy.. but why do so fucking many of them go for purple hair? I want to see freakiness pumped 10000009% [01-20-2021 12:55 PM] Dent: And while its on my mind, so much time is spent trying to explain shit to indigenous peoples so they can understand the topic and be a stakeholder bla bla... try explaining DNA and stuff in dance form. no one asked non-humans! we should try really hard to listen to sheep as they are being gutted by predators and ask them if they're into it. #stakeholderscanbecoveredinwool [01-20-2021 01:34 PM] Beebs: I've seen 8 of these things now; they just keep getting fucking weirder [01-20-2021 01:59 PM] Dent: You talking bout trannies or Kamala? [01-20-2021 02:59 PM] Johnny Richter: Why hasn’t this old bitch legalized weed yet [01-20-2021 03:31 PM] Johnny Richter: I’m gonna be 100% real right now [01-20-2021 03:32 PM] Johnny Richter: I think Biden seems like a pretty nice guy. I want him to succeed and I hope he does what he says and is a president for all AMERICANS [01-20-2021 05:45 PM] Johnny Richter: Drunk in the daylight [01-20-2021 05:45 PM] Johnny Richter: Great album check it out [01-21-2021 10:55 AM] Dent: You seem to listen to a lot of lowlife scumbags, scrawny ones at that. [01-21-2021 04:02 PM] Johnny Richter: Turns out I am a lowlife scumbag just a fat one [01-22-2021 12:56 PM] Dent: Just remember that Kate Moss was right, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. [01-22-2021 07:02 PM] Johnny Richter: Koffin Kats are lit bro https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kuD4szTPn1g [01-22-2021 07:03 PM] Johnny Richter: Vic is underrated af as a vocalist [Today 12:25 PM] Dent: I enjoyed his dark materials series over Christmas it was a lot better than the shit USA film. I also watched all five episodes of It's A Sin which is about the gays getting aids in London early 80's and enjoyed that too [Today 10:37 PM] Beebs: Different interpretations of "that" can really liven that sentence up.