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Originally posted by BrassMonkees:
I'm with UB, Active, my respect for you has also risen.
Wow then my stock is going to drop even worse than what it was...

Originally posted by AcTivE:
Think the whole point of jesus dying on the cross...was because he was only man to walk the earth without sinning...and died for our sins.
The main and fundemental Christian belief is that Jesus died for ALL our sins. It's obvious that God would see not believing in him to be a sin correct? But with Jesus people are saved for all sins, making no sin bigger than another right? Therefore if you aren't sent to hell based on your sins, how could you be sent to hell based on what you believe, even though it's a sin? Does that make any sense to anyone?

Also I hear many people, and the bible, say that God is the most forgiving being there is. I know a lot of forgiving people in my life that I've fucked over a good number of times but they've always given me 2nd chances and forgave me for the fucked up decisions I've made. Wouldn't God be willing to understand and forgive a person for not believing in him during their life? To be honest a lot of atheists have some good reasoning as to why they don't.

I find this to be a damn good topic to post on and I "pray" that everyone will discuss it intelligently, maybe that's just a dream...

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Gods are but men with immortal souls.
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