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I must admit, it's sad to see many people quoting scripture before they actually use one of the most remarkable things their god gave to them; their brains.

Let us try to keep in my that the main reason that the predominately Caucasian and completely American citizens that grace this board are also Christians, is because they are indeed American. Guys, if you had been born in India, you most likely would have been brought up practicing the Hindu religion, and would be defending it until your dying day, just like you defend Christianity. Unfortunately for us Americans, we are brought up in a country that rarely think it is wrong, and thinks way too highly of itself.

Do you honestly think that out of all the people in the world, the 33% that believe in Christianity are the only ones that your god would send to Heaven? And that all of the other people in the world, those who have never even had a chance to know your "correct" religion would go to Hell? I sure as "Hell" hope not. Who the fuck would want to believe in a god that would do that?

And while we're on the subject, who the fuck would want to believe in Hell? Something as ridiculous as Santa Claus, which sticks around in order to keep kids in line. Only "Hell" seems to work on a much larger scale, causing many adults to try to act a certain way. Am I the only one who finds it extremely sad that most people need to be scared of Hell in order to be a good person?? Please tell me I'm not. It pains me, someone with no religious attachments, finding myself on many occasions a better "Christian" than half the "Christians" I know. What's worse is when many of the people that would otherwise make an attempt at being a good person, insist on using Jesus as a whore to forgive themselves for something they know they're going to go ahead and do again tomorrow.

Anyway, did you ever stop to think that those people practicing the countless other religions in the world think the same thing about themselves: That their religion is correct? There is absolutely nothing that separates them from us. We are just like them, we think we're right about our religion being supreme and no one else could be. Because that's what we've been taught ever since we were little kids who had no choice but to think the same way as everyone else. "The 'Bible' tells us so..." Oh yeah? Well so does the "Koran" and the "Torah"... They hold the exact same kind of stories of creation that your Bible does.

The fueding happens within Christianity as well. So many different subsets that think they are the "most" correct. I can't stand it when people are so completely blind that they don't even consider that their are other people in the world with opinions that are just as relevant as theirs.

Just because you never give yourself the chance to think you're wrong, doesn't mean you're right.

I'm not saying Christianity is correct or incorrect, I'm saying that you don't know, so stop acting like you do.

If you feel that Christianity is the "correct" religion, or just the "correct" religion for you, then more power to you, practice whatever the "Hell" you want. For me the only thing that would come close to making some kind of sense is if their IS one god and all of these different religions are just different versions of the same story told by different cultures. Seems simpe enough, but people would rather just argue about who's right. If you have a strong feeling or inclination that your religion is right, good for you, but you're not the only one on the planet who feels that way.

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