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Originally Posted by ur my bitch
OK, so UMB is in CA nad has been for the past 3 weeks. Last week was our annual sales conference, where all of the sales force worldwide meets to learn about what's coming up for the new year and corporate BS.

They also announce their annual President's Club winners. Top 10% of the sales force worldwide. The winners get an all expenses paid triop for two to some exotic local.

Well, I was one of the President's Club winners. We are going to Costa Rica March 12-18, flying 1st class and staying at the Four Seasons, all expenses paid, massages, golf, snorkeling, drinks, and anything we want. Even the tips are pre paid. Booya Bitches. GD am Pimp.

Now, I just need to find a ho I can take for 6 days over seas that won;t get on my nerves. I have 3 qualified candidates I am screning and I have let them all know it is BJ's on demand and pussy on demand. But they already knkow that because that's how I roll 24/7


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