[04-27-2021 05:53 PM] Johnny Richter: Clearly Mr Blonde couldn’t handle the intellectual rigor of nubblies. [04-27-2021 05:54 PM] Johnny Richter: I bet that little bitch doesn’t even know biology [04-27-2021 06:15 PM] Johnny Richter: Probably doesn’t even think critically [04-28-2021 08:32 AM] Orgazmo: Has probably never formulated a hypothesis in his fucking life. [04-28-2021 01:30 PM] Dent: More Babble. MORE BABBLE. [04-28-2021 07:20 PM] Beebs: Bring us Barabbas! [05-01-2021 06:42 PM] Johnny Richter: I’m just thankful we have a real scientist here than can give us real knowledge and succumb to Holothetic logic like Blonde was constantly doing. [05-01-2021 06:43 PM] Johnny Richter: *not succumb [05-01-2021 06:43 PM] Johnny Richter: I’m pretty drunk but you should basically take that as a given if I’m sex boxing [05-01-2021 06:48 PM] Johnny Richter: dent is the real MVP [05-01-2021 09:45 PM] Orgazmo: <3 <3 <3 Dent <3 <3 <3 [05-02-2021 10:59 AM] Johnny Richter: Yo Gaz you got a decent old laptop that you would like to sell to me? [05-02-2021 11:00 AM] Johnny Richter: Only asking cause you’re a computer guy and thought you might have some old ones collecting dust in the closet like I do, except mine are ancient and useless Bc 15 years old [05-02-2021 11:01 AM] Johnny Richter: My dell took a shit today and the hard drive is fried [05-02-2021 11:34 AM] Dent: SSD? [05-02-2021 11:45 AM] Orgazmo: I do not, unfortunately...I generally use laptops until they are literally unworkable, and then have to throw them away. [05-02-2021 12:09 PM] Johnny Richter: No I opted not to get the SSD which in hindsight was a big mistake. Gaz, understandable. Think I’m just gonna splurge and get an iMac desktop. [05-02-2021 01:00 PM] Johnny Richter: I’ll be damned if I’m spending another $1k+ on a laptop that will shit the bed in less than 4 years. Might as well spend an extra $1k to get a machine that will last 10+ years [05-02-2021 01:02 PM] Johnny Richter: Who should I hate more? Dell for manufacturing the piece of shit, or Best Buy for selling it to me? [05-02-2021 01:04 PM] Johnny Richter: My gut is telling me Dell, which makes it ok to continue purchasing from Best Buy [05-02-2021 01:29 PM] Orgazmo: I think asking more than 4 years out of a laptop is being a bit optimistic. My last one was ~3.5 years old when it shit the bed. I had taken it apart and used hardware to put it back together...like, screws protruding from it to keep it from falling apart. It finally died of some motherboard issue that I couldn't fix. [05-02-2021 01:31 PM] Orgazmo: I actually had to send my new one in for a hinge repair (MSI hinges are shitty), bought a cheap lenovo to replace it while it's gone and it's stepped in as my secondary laptop now and the one I use when I travel. It's far worse than the MSI, but it was $400 and works absolutely okay. I wouldn't recommend it as a full-time laptop for work/etc, but, if you're just looking for something that will work, has great battery, super light...it'll fill the need. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lenovo-Id...2-31a1810afe6f [05-02-2021 02:34 PM] Dent: Get an old lenovo thinkpad off ebay. rock solid and it doesn't matter if it's a few years old. I paid like 170 for the t350s and bought a new battery for it. The battery is hot-swappable and it lasts 10+ hours easily. V good value for money. [05-02-2021 02:40 PM] Dent: I preordered the 12.9" ipad pro and the 350 keyboard to go with it on friday, and another 60 on a bullshit wrap.. not sure that was a good idea. [05-03-2021 12:47 PM] Johnny Richter: It will last you like 15 years if you take care of it. Good purchase imo. Apple products are top tier. [05-03-2021 12:56 PM] Dent: With battery replacements, maybe. They're charging 636.44 for that which is a joke and I expect i'll be giving it a go myself in a few years. [05-03-2021 01:15 PM] Dent: 200 to replace the battery on a 2017 MacBook Pro for comparison. [05-04-2021 05:53 AM] Dent: Mother Nature, is a wicked old witch who maximises short-sighted selfishness, no matter how much pain or loss it produces. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George...ams_(biologist) [05-04-2021 05:54 AM] Dent: Do you think he looks like Abe Lincoln? add a ) to the link. Can see the septic in him at least. [05-04-2021 08:00 AM] Dent: Human efforts for self-understanding are convoluted not only because the properties to be analyzed must be used to conduct the analyses, but because natural selection seems to have designed human motivation in social matters to be resistant to conscious analysis. [05-04-2021 08:36 AM] Orgazmo: Strong lincoln vibes, yes. [05-06-2021 04:10 PM] Johnny Richter: I did it, I bought an iMac. They were on sale since the new models are coming out. This weekend I'm going to smash my dell into bits with a hammer. [05-06-2021 04:50 PM] Johnny Richter: Prob the nicest computer I've ever owned [05-10-2021 02:10 PM] Dent: Chances are you might think that we came from some robust archaic human brute, and we’re the delicate branch of the tree. Not so, the ascent of man pic is wrong, nature has been playing around with robust and gracile forms for many millions of years. [05-10-2021 02:11 PM] Dent: Can't really remember the details though so i'll relisten to Razib Khan interviewing Chris Stringer on his podcast and see if I can remember. [05-10-2021 02:44 PM] Dent: Originally, we thought that the modern human face (delicate, flat face, hollowed out cheeks) was a recent evolutionary development/trait. Turns out it may be ancestral. Fossils around 800kya in the mid Pleistocene show modern human facial features. Then later we find fossils without the modern features like heidelbergensis 600-200kya. [05-10-2021 02:44 PM] Dent: Modern theory is that the modern face is actually the primitive face and that some lineages diverged away from this becoming more robust/brutish. [05-10-2021 02:45 PM] Dent: For a better telling of the story https://razib.substack.com/p/chris-s...years-of-human [05-10-2021 06:43 PM] Johnny Richter: What are the implications [05-10-2021 09:52 PM] Orgazmo: We need to know the implications, please [05-11-2021 02:42 PM] Dent: Nothing illuminating, sorry. I'm now regretting bringing it up. [05-11-2021 03:44 PM] Dent: So that ruckus in Selfridges the other day was started by the son of Mark Duggan – the guy whose death in 2011 sparked the London riots. [05-11-2021 03:44 PM] Dent: All over BLM [05-11-2021 03:45 PM] Dent: But his drill rap is about stabbing black kids [05-11-2021 03:45 PM] Dent: Also stabs black kids [05-11-2021 03:45 PM] Dent: Got a big Mark Duggan tattoo, shows it off in his big BLM rap tracks. LOL [05-11-2021 03:49 PM] Dent: 'No one helps us round here. Music is the only way' Sorry to disappoint, but this G isn’t playing piano. Braap braap! [05-11-2021 03:53 PM] Dent: Neanderthals were the lords of Eurasia for a quarter of a million years. [Today 04:34 PM] Dent: Biomass distribution on Earth https://i.imgur.com/3u7LTN1.jpg [Today 04:35 PM] Dent: The ice is melting and releasing massive amounts of ancient bacteria, soon Typhon will escape his frozen prison.